Human Design Contribution to Society

Every person has to combine an origination to make his livelihood and to contribute to the society. These organizations are designed to serve a specialized role of the society and so require a set of value to keep all members of the business moved and united.

Human Design

Professional Values

A society consists of not only households which are natural but also by origination that are artificially created to meet a particular requirement of this society. The government is among the most significant organizations which had been made to bring order in the society. The government is further divided into various branches such as police, revenue, defence etc that are required to keep the nation united and shield it from outside aggression. There are quite a few other organizations that are conducted by private persons or bodies that produce goods and supply support to the people of the country and the world.

Thus man develops a set of values as a consequence of his profession. The values of a police officer are different than the values of a judge or a politician. Each profession has its own set of values that often contradict the values of a different profession. Yet these values are required to maintain the professionals deliver what’s expected from them.

National Values

The world today is divided into a number of countries and every country is autonomous and independent. Nevertheless, lately the states have started behaving like family members since the liberty is slowly being replaced by interdependence in the globalize economies. If society is emerging as the manufacturing hub of the world, India has been the outsourcing and out-shoring hub of the planet from where the various services are being supplied to the world. Each nation is slowly becoming specialist in some particular task and getting the remaining requirements fulfilled by the other states of the world.

Thus, just like people and households need to compete with human design and Complement each other for their survival in a society, every state must compete with and complement with the other countries of the world. So as to make the nation stronger, particular types of values will need to be cultivated in their taxpayer that makes the nation not made of billions or millions of families or individuals but like one family.

The national values are often codified in their legislation that seeks to grant Equality and justice to all its citizens. There, is wide diversity in that Legislation as the requirement of every country differs. The violation of national Values is treated criminal acts that are penalized by the State. Thus the Countries with strong national values impose their legislation very severely as they Keep the attention of the nation over the interest of the person.